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Patient Engagement

Our research team takes part in meaningful collaboration with patients for several of our projects including,

  • Evaluation of Sodium Deposition in Soft Tissues of Patients with Kidney Disease and its Association with Patient Symptomatology

  • Evaluation of Kidney Medullary Sodium Content using Sodium-23 Magnetic Resonance Imaging to understand and predict diuretic resistance

  • Interventional Study to Assess the Effect of Extended Dialysis using the Theranova Dialyzer on Patient Reported Symptoms using the London Evaluation of Illness (LEVIL)

  • Renal Community Photo Initiative


We encourage our patients to provide their knowledge and expertise based on their own health experiences to the research project process as we believe this can lead to improved outcomes. Our patients work directly with the research team and give their opinions/feedback on various aspects of research. For example, patients have been involved in sharing and implementation of results, review of paper survey(s)/questionnaire(s), and review of study activities.

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Knowledge Translation Tools

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