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London Evaluation of Illness

The London Evaluation of Illness (LEVIL) is an application-based patient-reported outcome measures instrument completed by patients to perform a symptom intensity self-assessment. LEVIL evaluates 6 symptom domains including general well-being, pain, sleep, breathing, energy, and appetite, which were outcomes of interest determined by a literature review of published data on symptom burden in chronic kidney disease. Due to recent research findings we have added 3 additional questions on itch, restless legs, and recovery time from hemodialysis.

The London Evaluation of Illness has a very short recall period (24 hours), is intended for repeated use, and takes only seconds to complete, automatically uploading data for real time monitoring or subsequent analysis. 


If you would like to install the app you can, 

  1. Go to the Google Play or Apple store and search the app with the word LEVIL

  2. Follow the appropriate button below for the link

  3. Scan the appropriate QR code below. It will automatically take you to the download site



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